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Did you know that one of the major causes of concern for employees is household money worries. People have very busy lives and often struggle to find the time to deal with household financial concerns in a timely way.


We often see people who are worried and distressed over their financial situation. Often we've found that by the time they seek professional advice they have left their financial problems too long and their situation can get critical. The most frequent reasons people give for leaving financial problems too long is not knowing how to tackle them and not having the time to seek professional assistance.


 This is why we've decided to launch a new service offering

free household financial advisory sessions with your employees at your offices.


One of our experienced FSA registered advisers can visit your office and offer 1-2-1 private and confidential meetings with your staff. 


We offer advice, guidance and solutions in these 3 areas.



1) Help with Mortgages 
We search whole of market for the best deal which suites an individuals situation.
We can re-negotiate for better deals with existing lenders (often required as part of a financial recovery plan)
We specialise in advising people who have been refused a mortgage


2) Assistance with Debt Managment 
Areas of household debts can include credit cards, loans, mortgages, and bills

We advise on all options avalible for those that have not yet defaulted on payments

For those that cannot maintain payments we work with a dept management company who specialise in re-negotiating reduced payments with lenders on behalf of our clients.
Debt management companies can be expensive, thats why we work with a company who do not charge the client but instead get a commission from the lenders in return for managing the account.


3) Income Protection, Explained  
Critical illness, quotes from whole of market

Sickness and accident advice and guidance

Private health cover
Life cover, advice on the best policy for you and your family






Q. When do these 1-2-1 sessions take place

A. They can be anytime during office hours, however most companies wish to run the sessions during staff's breaks. We often run them between 12:00 and 14:00


Q. What is the purpose of the 1-2-1 session

A. They are designed as an initial financial consultation only, the aim is to identify if there are any options available which may be beneficial for the attendee. If further interaction is required they have the option of visiting us at our offices, requesting a home visit or a phone meeting.


Q. How long will these sessions last

A. These sessions are designed to be initial consultations only and usually lasts between 10 - 15 minutes, but can be longer if required.


Q. How do you communicate this new service to my staff

A. We will supply you with all the literature and information you'll need. You can use this to send out all user emails, put posters on staff notice boards, or place on your company intranet.


Q. I'm interested in offering this service to my staff what's the next step

A. Contact us on 01202 824015 and we'll go through the arrangements with you





Employee Financial Benefits Scheme





Ever thought of providing your employees with some additional financial security? We can talk you through and provide you with quotes for Private Medical, Critical Illness, Sickness, Accident and Life Cover.


Purchasing 'block' policies for these products is far more cost effective than your employees purchasing these on an individual basis.


Call us now: for us for a free no obligation chat and we'll go through what's involved in setting up these schemes: 01202 824015